Mohamed Ikhwan Group

is a leading Sudanese group of companies established in the early 80s and operating in the areas of Industry,International Trading & Marketing,Construction, Transport, Banking and other Services.Through the years, MIG continued prospering by diversifying its business activities along with the country’s fast developing economy and with its own philosophy of keeping up its distinguished quality of production, services & human resources.

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Due mainly to its booming oil industry and after-war reco struction projects, Sudan is experiencing a challenging process of peace and development with its rapid growth of the economy (14%) and of being the most attractive country for foreign investment in Africa ($2.3 billion US) in 2005. To cope with these challenges, MIG has grown substantially from a family business towards a more powerful structured corporate group of companies. The power of the group comes from its vision of the future and its evidence-based policies and strategies. We value our customers, providing them the quality high technology products and services, by creating partnerships with world’s leading brands of companies, we raise their standard of living and strengthen our corporation in the era of globalization. We are determined to continuously diversify our activities and expand into new markets. You trust us and we definitely keep gratitude.

Mohamed Ismail Mohamed Chairman (founder) & CEO Chairman Mohamed Ikwan Group Chairman Blue Nile Mashreq Bank Chairman Gapco Sudan Honorary Consul for Republic of Belarus

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